Whether it’s across town or to another continent, moving can be a very stressful time for individuals and their families and friends. The pressures brought on by a new work environment, home, neighborhood, school(s) and sometimes a new culture and language can be daunting.

I can assist and direct you with both corporate transfers as well as personal relocations. I have developed over a thirty year process, a system designed to minimize stress and lost productivity; because the sooner and smoother you or your employee can sell their home and purchase a new one, the sooner they get on with their personal and professional lives.

My Service includes:

  •   Appointing a tried and true professional realtor intimate with the area of choice
  •   Detailed explanation of a home purchase and sale process
  •   Direction in making a home more saleable
  •   Locating the right home in the appropriate price range
  •   Knowledgeable and professional representation to buy and/or sell
  •   Providing accounting of the costs incurred to buy and sell
  •   Recommendation of a solicitor and/or mortgage broker
  •   Recommendation of a mover
  •   Local school information
  •   Local government office information
  •   Consulting services on immigration issues
  •   Consulting services on international tax implications
  •   Consulting services on importing or exporting vehicles
  •   Customs and excise tax rules, regulations and duties

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